Avoid ice water after exercise

Avoid ice water after exercise - Many people simply drank ice water immediately after exercise . It favors . But the habit is not true . Imagine , if you throw ice water into the hot pan , what will happen ? The smoke will soon gush out . That's what happens when you drink cold water after exercising . Because the body temperature heats up to above 37 degrees Celsius during exercise .

Avoid ice water after exercise

When the ice flowing water organ , clearly disturbed metabolism . It was fatal for the heart because it can make the blood vessels constrict , thus stopping the flow of blood to the heart .

However, the cold water is not haram. With good water temperature is 15 degrees Celsius , and the cold tolerance limit is 4 degrees Celsius . It was not immediately drink a lot . Just two cups or about 500 cc .

Noteworthy , drink cold water slowly . Knowingly or not , if directly in large portions , your head will be dizzy because of the central nervous system is not ready to receive a response shift from hot to cold too quickly . " Drink two sips first, then proceed as usual , " said Tanya Tatyana Rotikan .

If complicated measure water temperature , how easy. Drink water that does not make your teeth ache .

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