How to Treat Flu with Garlic

How to Treat Flu with Garlic - Many ways to cure flu attack . One of them is to chew a few cloves of garlic .

Bryan Rade , a naturopathic physician practicing in Halifax , Nova Scotia explains that raw garlic is very effective in curing the flu . The content of Allion and allicin found in garlic is a natural antiviral compounds effective in curing the flu .

How to Treat Flu with Garlic

In line with this , the benefits of garlic are also shared by the University of Maryland Medical Center Website . Explained that in addition to treating the flu , eating garlic also prevent someone with the flu . Similarly, as reported by LIVESTRONG .

Utilization of garlic itself , Rade explained that the garlic munching while flu , then swallow it . According to him , the effect of taking these herbs is to increase the immune system to the flu you can recover more quickly . However , if you can not stand the taste , you can cut the garlic into pieces , then immediately swallow as you take the pill .

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