Got Flu During Pregnancy are at Risk of having Children with Bipolar Disorder

Got Flu During Pregnancy are at Risk of having Children with Bipolar Disorder - Before, we have shared about Bipolar Disorder, Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention to you. Now we will discuss about women who got flu during pregnancy. You who are pregnant and renowned flu , be careful and hurry up treatment . A study from the U.S. National Institutes of Health ( NIH ) states that pregnant women who get the flu four times the risk of having children with bipolar disorder . The study also revealed that schizophrenia ( psychiatric disorders and medical conditions that affect the functioning of the human brain , affecting the normal function of cognitive , emotional , and behavior ) is also associated with influenza , when the mother was pregnant . " Pregnant women should take precautions , such as treating the flu so soon approaching birth , and avoiding contact with people with influenza , " said Alan Brown , from the Institute of Psychiatry at Columbia University and the State of New York , USA .

According to Brown , the flu vaccination in pregnant women will be more efficacious in reducing the risk of infants exposed to bipolar disorder . Subjects studied , namely the children who were born in northern California in 1959-1966 , one-third or 92 of whom suffered from bipolar disorder . At the same time , there are approximately 722 pregnancies were diagnosed with the flu . The risk of developing bipolar disorder will reach four times if pregnant women suffering from the flu . But it would be even higher if the flu attack in the second or third three months of pregnancy .

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Studies also show if pregnant women had the flu in the first half of pregnancy the child is exposed to the risk of schizophrenia tripled . Autism ( a form of developmental disorder in children ) is also associated with the virus in the first three months of pregnancy and the possibility of pregnancy is related to increased inflammatory molecules . " The next research should investigate whether the same environmental risk factors can increase other disorders , depending on how the disorder affects prenatal brain development of the baby , " said Brown .

The cause of bipolar disorder is almost the same as the cause of schizophrenia . For example , both have the same symptoms at the beginning of infant growth , susceptibility genes , occur in the same family , affects one percent of the total population , shows the behavior of insanity , and responding to the treatment of anti insanity .

The results of this study will be the basis for the classification of mental behavior latest system based on brain circuitry and mechanisms dimensional cut traditional diagnostic categories .

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