Andropause in Men Similar As Menopause in Women

Andropause in Men Similar As Menopause in Women - If women can experience menopause means the cessation of the menstrual period , it is also experienced by men . This is commonly called andropause . The term andropause is derived from the Greek , meaning that andro meaning male and pause termination . So , andropause can be defined as the cessation of physiological processes in men . Andropause is a syndrome in middle-aged or elderly men where a decline in physical abilities , sexual and psychological . Andropause is a syndrome syndrome decrease in physical ability , sexual , and psychological attributed to reduced testosterone in the blood , andropause occurs in middle-aged men over the age of having a collection of symptoms , signs and complaints similar to menopause in women .

Andropause in Men Similar As Menopause in Women

In contrast to women who experience menopause , where the production of ova , production of the hormone estrogen and the menstrual cycle stops . Decline in sperm production in men , testosterone and other hormones occurs slowly and gradually . Although the term andropause are biological one , but this term has been popular so it is often used .

In postmenopausal women , the production of ova , production of the hormone estrogen , and the menstrual cycle stops with relatively abrupt manner . But in men over the age of middle -aged , decreased sperm production , testosterone , and other hormones so slowly . Hormonal changes that occur in older men is highly variable from one individual to another and usually does not cause severe hypogonadism . Andropause usually occurs around the age of 40-60 years , depending on the factors that influence it .

Occurrences Andropause usually characterized by certain symptoms , such as tone of voice could be higher , thinning hair or balding , excess fat , especially in the abdomen and thigh causing a lack of confidence . In addition , health status is also likely to decline . Some physical complaints often begin to appear such as indigestion , insomnia ( difficulty sleeping ) , fatigue , aches , and others . He also often feel anxious , tense , and irritability sudden or uncontrolled emotions , because they feel uncomfortable on these changes .

These symptoms did paced uncomfortable . " And all of these symptoms can not be treated . One can only attempt so that symptoms do not come early , and suppress the risk to be more minimal , " said the doctor Karmini Sri Mastuti SpOG , specialist content of RSAB Harapan Kita, Indonesia.

To that end , Karmini give some suggestions . One of them , choose foods rich in protein , especially vegetable protein ( plant ) . For example , protein from soy . This you can get from tofu, tempeh , or soy milk . Instead , reduce the consumption of animal fats because they contain saturated fatty acids and high in calories . In addition , regular exercise of moderate intensity for about 30 minutes , with a frequency of 3-5 days per week . Sports , according Karmini , can lower high blood pressure , reduce obesity ( overweight ) , and rehabilitation of osteoporosis ( bone loss ) . '' Perform routine medical examination also to detect the disease as early as possible , '' he advised .

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