Causes of Coughing up Blood and How to Treat it

Causes of Coughing up Blood and How to Treat it - Coughing up blood is a kind of cough illness serious enough where it may cause the lungs and even the heart, so that the performance of both these organs becomes disturbed and can not function properly. Therefore, we need to know the causes and symptoms correctly, so that we can take preventive measures early on before it all happened.

Have you ever had a cough then removing sputum mixed with blood? Maybe then you think that you are infected with tuberculosis. But calm do not panic, according to an article I read from several sources, stating that not all bloody cough due to tuberculosis leh. Dr.. Bambang Dwi Sp.P one lung specialist Telogorejo Hospital Semarang say that coughing up blood is a sign of one infectious disease.

Blood Cough Symptoms 

  • Usually accompanied with coughing up blood symptoms such as the following: 
  • Cough accompanied by blood and mucus; 
  • Face was pale; 
  • Fever or increased body temperature; 
  • Is often sweating at night; 
  • Decreased appetite and 
  • Even with a heavy breath felt tight.

Cough Causes Blood

There are many causes of coughing up blood are as follows :

  1. Coughing up blood can be caused by expectoration of blood due to bleeding that occurs in the respiratory tract below the larynx or bleeding out through the lower respiratory tract of the larynx .
  2.  Other causes of coughing up blood or hemoptysis could be due to a fungal or viral infection . It could also be due to abnormalities in the lungs, the former recurrent tuberculosis , lung cancer , or because of damage to the respiratory tract as a cough that has lasted so long that the blood vessels become brittle .
  3. Coughing up blood can also be caused by irritation of the respiratory tract that occurs during coughing will bleed
  4. Lung cancer or lung tumors can also be the cause of coughing up blood , and therefore when you cough blood , try as much as possible you either check to the doctor so that you can determine the exact cause .
  5. It could also be caused by Mitral stenosis is a heart disease , in which the valve or door that connects the atrium space ( porch ) and ventricles ( chambers ) of the heart left narrowed , so it can not open properly.
  6. Coughing up blood is often caused by acute bronchitis / chronic
  7. Tuberculosis or TB disease , and many more .

Causes of Coughing up Blood and How to Treat it

Alternative Ways to Treat Cough Blood 

  1. To properly treat coughing up blood, you should first examine your doctor so that you know exactly what the cause of your suffering coughing blood. But if you do not have the money to go to the doctor, you can try a simple cough blood by using turmeric plants and galingale. How? Let us refer to the following explanation: 
  2. Clean galingale with turmeric and water 
  3. Then peel the turmeric and galingale 
  4. Furthermore, turmeric and mashed until smooth galingale or it could be in a blender and squeeze the water 
  5. Boil the juice until boiling, can also add sugar to sweetener 
  6. After a cold juice you can drink it regularly every morning and evening
Similarly, the article on the causes of coughing up blood, and how to treat it that hopefully can be useful for the reader.