10 Healthy Foods to Maintain Healthy Eyes

10 Healthy Foods to Maintain Healthy Eyes - Good evening, welcome to the Health Blog wherever you are, in a previous article admin've shared 8 Causes and Symptoms of Eye Cataract, admin now wants to share little tips so the eye is always in good health.

Eyes is a gift that we can not pay with anything. We can not imagine if this dark world, or at least obscure, surely all would be unusual, therefore, to maintain eye health becomes a necessity. This time the admin wants to share 10 Healthy Foods to Maintain Healthy Eyes to you.

There are at least 10 Healthy Foods to Maintain Healthy Eyes are successful we summarize thus far, I am sure there are many foods that contain high vitamin A, vitamin C or other nutrients that are needed by our eyes. Healthy lifestyle greatly affects the quality of our health, most of them that are having problems in the health of the eye is usually because their lifestyle does not fit the rules.

10 Healthy Foods to Maintain Healthy Eyes

10 Healthy Foods to Maintain Healthy Eyes

1. Carrots 

Maintain Healthy Eyes with carrots
Carrots are one of the best sources of Vitamin A, beta-carotene content in carrots which forms the basis of our body which is then converted into Vitamin A.

2. Sunflower seeds (pumpkin seeds)

Maintain Healthy Eyes sunflower feeds
Who would have thought a snack that we use as a substitute for this popcorn to maintain eye health. Sunflower seeds contain selenium, zinc and vitamin E can prevent disorders of the eye such as cataracts and eye irritation caused by the aging factor. Besides the sunflower seeds also contain vitamin B2 which serves to overcome the disease eye sensitivity to light or commonly known as "photophobia"

3. Salmon

Maintain Healthy Eyes
Salmon has more omega-3 when compared with the type of fish / other seafood. Some studies show that people who regularly consumed omega-3 fatty acids that will avoid interference from dry eye so that the eye will stay healthy.

4. Eggs

Maintain Healthy Eyes
This food contains a very good source of nutrients such as lutein for the eyes , B12 , vitamin D , zinc , vitamin A , and cysteine ​​. Lutein and zeaxanthin are contained in the egg white is the best antioxidant that can prevent macular degeneration and cataracts .

5. Spinach

Maintain Healthy Eyes

In addition to adding energy , Popeye 's favorite food turned out almost as much as an egg , it turns spinach also contains a lot of zeaxanthin and lutein . Besides spinach also contain vitamin C which can prevent disease glaucoma .

6. Avocado

Maintain Healthy Eyes

Avocado is a type of fruit that contains lutein when compared with most other fruits. Lutein function itself that is preventing macular degeneration and eye cataracts . Moreover avocado also act as an absorbent essential nutrients such as alpha and beta - carotene form of vitamin A is useful in order to be absorbed properly .

7. Garlic

Maintain Healthy Eyes

The content of selenium , vitamin C , vitamin B1 , quercetin , and glutathione in garlic is beneficial to protect the lens of the eye from free radicals like UV rays . Besides garlic can also keep the blood circulation and strengthens the cells and the optic endurance course

8. Tomatoes

Maintain Healthy Eyes

Tomato fruit is often used to treat facial skin health . but tomatoes also has many benefits for maintaining healthy eyes . Tomatoes are enriched in vitamin A , vitamin C and lycopene , which are three very important nutrients to the eye .

9. Dark chocolate

Maintain Healthy Eyes

Dark chocolate works to improve visual acuity . Because dark chocolate contains a substance called flavonoids in charge of protecting the blood vessels in the eye so of course it will automatically strengthen the cornea and retina of our eyes . Well , if you do not like carrots you can also make dark chocolate instead.

10. Cabbage / Broccoli

Maintain Healthy Eyes

It is also one type of good vegetable to treat and maintain eye health as broccoli or cabbage contains the same nutrients as spinach are lutein and zeaxanthin . Both of these nutrients function as ' sunglasses ' which serves to protect the eyes from UV rays . Not only that you know , eating cabbage shown to lower the risk of developing cataracts .

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