Health Benefits of Vitamin A For Body and Beauty

Health Benefits of Vitamin A For Body and Beauty - Vitamins, nutrients this one has a very important benefit to the health of our body according to its kind. Vitamin A with other B vitamins or vitamin would have different functions and roles in our body. On this occasion, I will try to discuss about the benefits of vitamin A to the health of our bodies.

If the previous, I have shared a lot of information about foods that contain vitamin A, so this time I will keep my promise to share 12 Foods that Contain High Vitamin A. What are the benefits of vitamin A? well than just our great length to our discussion.

Health Benefits of Vitamin A For Body and Beauty

Benefits of Vitamin A For Body Health 

Maintaining eye health 

Maybe all of you already know that the main function of vitamin A is to maintain the health of your eyes. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient that plays a role in the process preserve, protect and improve the quality of your eyes. Thus it is no wonder if many mothers who sent their children to love to eat fruit and vegetables that contain vitamin A.

The study also had a lot to prove that most causes of blindness is lack of or to lack of vitamin A to the body at the time of the children.

Optimize fetal development 

Vitamin A is a vitamin that is soluble in fat and water. Therefore, by consuming enough vitamin A will also help the development of the fetus. Vitamin A is helpful in the development of the eye, the eye of organs, bones, and skin health of your fetus.

Inhibit breast cancer cell 

This is one good news for you, especially the women. Because based on the latest research by an American scientist, said that vitamin A can inhibit a woman's breast cancer. Vitamin A does not directly inhibit the cancer cells, but through derivatives, ie retionat acid or retinol.

Boost immunity 

Compounds containing retinyl palmitate and retinyl acetate, vitamin A could prevent infection caused by tiny organisms harmful (parasitic). Let's say the bacteria that enter through your respiratory tract.

Benefits of vitamin A for beauty 

Prevents premature aging 

You are older than 20 years? You no longer confident with your skin? You do not need to worry, because with regular vitamin A can also prevent premature aging of your skin. Normally this would seem premature aging if you have reached the age of 20 years.

Dr. Graf suggest if you are experiencing premature aging to be overcome by using a retinol (vitamin A). why? Because vitamin A can seep into your skin and will disguise and improve wrinkles and fine lines on your skin. For maximum results, consume well water regularly.

Brighten skin 

In addition to preventing premature aging, vitamin A also can use as skin lightening. If retinol is combined with AHA (Alpha hydroxyacid) can also provide moisture to your skin.

Not harmful to the skin 

Indeed, if it is naturally a little danger compared to most chemical means. Formulated in accordance with the provisions of medical, vitamin A is not actually harmful to your skin. Even today many beauty products that use this retinol as an ingredient.

Well, that's about the Health Benefits of Vitamin A For Body and Beauty. It is appropriate we pay more attention to the health of our body in a natural way and avoid instant way. So first of me, hopefully this article useful for you.