9 Type of exercise to shrink belly fat quickly and safely

Type of exercise to shrink belly fat quickly and safely - For some people have belly fat is a big problem because it could cause embarrassment owned and make it feel comfortable when they wanted to go to pick the clothes a little sexy. Clothes that you can use is clothing-feed that can cover your potbelly. In addition to the appearance said to disturb you, how to shrink belly fat also is unbelievably troublesome and requires a very extra sacrifice. There are many things that can cause a distended stomach in your daily activities.

Causes of distended stomach unwittingly made ​​many people 

Distended abdomen occurs due to some unhealthy habits. The former could be due to eating or snacking at night. For those of you who like eating or snacking at night should immediately stop at night because usually people will do a little bit of activity so also the calories that will be used. Accumulate calories can cause a distended stomach.

The second stop to consume alcohol. Content owned calories and sugar alcohols such as fatty foods almost equal. Alcohol can make the heart work even harder to neutralize. So sugar should be filtered first missed and accumulate causing the distended stomach.

The third is sitting too long. If you work in an office and are already accustomed to sitting for long periods, it can cause the stomach to be distended due to poor posture or too lean forward and will give emphasis on the abdomen to the fore.

The fourth is to sleep after eating. Never sleep after eating because during sleep our bodies do not perform any activity so that the process of digestion is not optimal. The food just eaten will not be well digested and can cause you more visible distended stomach. So what can be done to overcome the distended stomach? You can do some exercise to reduce your bloated stomach.

Some types of exercise to shrink belly fat 

Walk or run 

By familiarizing themselves with walking or running would not hurt you to move the important thing is that you move though is your legs and not your stomach, but at least you are willing to move. Little by little calories are there in your body will burn. So that not only the fat on the stomach will shrink but also other parts of the body will also shrink and can make your body more slender. Not to mention this is the type of sport that the sport is very easy to do.

Sit ups 

Sit ups will help you to shrink belly fat you, if you find it is unable to do alone then you could ask someone else to hold your feet while you are trying to pull the body forward. Sit ups will make your abdominal muscles more toned and reduce your potbelly little by little.

Back Up 

Well, if this movement back up the opposite of movement shit up, which we did while on his stomach and move the upper body up and down. You can also ask for help from others to hold your feet to make it easier to do so.

Vertical Leg Crunch 

This exercise is similar to Ball Crunch and also sit ups, but here you have to lift your leg up high for the next pull your body. First you have to lie down with hands behind head. Then lift the leg and cross it into the air. Furthermore, the head and shoulders should remain flat on the floor. During the foot in the air, Pull body forward and repeat several times as much as you.


Who told you to shrink the stomach required heavy exercise? The proof you can still shrink the stomach with a more pleasant way. Yep especially when not cycling. Shrink the stomach with a bicycle would not be difficult because it is fun cycling. You need to know, with cycling within 30 minutes, you are able to burn approximately 300 calories. So, start to get used to cycling from now!

Exercise bycicle 

One exercise to shrink the stomach is cycling, but what if you do not have a bike? Do not worry because you still able to do the exercise bycicle movement. The movements are easy enough to do that is the way your body with the position laid both hands behind your head, then lift your knees to your chest while lifting the head to the shoulders in a state still locked out. Then find the right knee with the left elbow and vice versa alternately like you're pedaling a bicycle.

Ball Crunch 

Maybe you also already familiar with the sport movement. Ball Crunch exercise is performed using a large ball. The trick is to make a move shit up on the big ball.

Elliptical trainer 

Elliptical trainer an exercise device that can be encountered in places Gym. Some say that the exercise by using a tool like this is a combination of walking and climbing stairs. Where not only the lower part of the body to build muscle, but also the upper part of our body.

Wax attitude 

The attitude of the sports movement that wax is believed to shrink the stomach if done routinely and regularly. How do I do this sport movement? First, lay your body on the floor, then lift your leg up, lift up your stomach. Then hold it with both hands, and hold it for a moment. Furthermore, lower abdomen, the last lift back several times and so on.

That's all the information we provide about Type of exercise to shrink belly fat quickly and safely. Hope can be a useful thing for you. Happy reading.