9 Powerful Tips on How to Increase Weight Quickly and Safely

9 Powerful Tips on How to Increase Weight Quickly and Safely - If too fat then this could be an indication that we are obese and suffering from various diseases potentially dangerous, but if it is not too thin either.

So what exactly, the most appropriate is to have an ideal body weight. Well, who would not want an ideal body weight, especially if muscular yes. So more confident, especially in front of his wife, the wife so dear :) added, will not switch to another man. How ideal weight? Please check the table below:

Then, for those of you who have a thin body, thin, and that does not contain wind-blown fly: D, do not be too discouraged, because we have 9 Powerful Tips on How to Increase Weight Quickly and Safely. This way you can try to do so you can get the ideal body weight. Here's a guide.

9 Powerful Tips on How to Increase Weight Quickly and Safely

9 Powerful Tips on How to Increase Weight Quickly and Safely

1. Expand the Drinking Water 

Water is very good to add weight to the ideal. We begin with the smallest things, such as drinking water. Many people who are less concerned with drinking water and usually they prefer supplement drinks such as soft drinks or even alcoholic beverages, etc.. Yet without them knowing they indirectly also have damaging their own bodies because as I mentioned in a previous post, that the name of water other than water usually contains various chemicals that may be harmful to the body. So make it a habit to drink water, especially in the morning you get up every time you try to sleep drink water at least 3-5 glasses. Why? As more and more water consumed, the body will be more healthy, then the process of digestion in the body so that we too join the food will be better able to absorb the nutrients contained in the food perfectly.

2. Chew Eat You Up Fine 

Chewing eat until smooth also look trivial is not it? But you know, chewing food can also help to smooth the process of weight gain because it can help facilitate your body to digest a meal. Especially if the food we eat rather hard, making it difficult for your body to digest. so, chew your food until smooth.

3. Enough Rest and Reduce late nights 

If you really intend to gain weight you should reduce or even stop staying up late, unless you really have important business. Our body is not a robot, the robot can only run out of batteries and dead especially our bodies, if we many stay up when our bodies will break? While rest is important to help restore and improve the functions of your body organs.

4. Eat Regularly 

Keep your every day eating regularly. Always have breakfast in the morning, lunch and then dinner on time. And can be interspersed among certain foods. But remember not to be too much.

5. Drinking Milk In Routine 

If possible, make it a habit to drink milk because in addition to a healthy weight also can add you, especially full cream milk. It is recommended to drink full cream milk type twice a day. Milk also includes the most important thing we should consume, because it belongs to the 4 healthy 5 perfect food.

6. Reduce Or Even Stop Smoking 

For those addicted to cigarettes, smoking cessation may one day course will be very heavy. But did you know besides harmful to the body, cigarettes can also cause your body to be thin because your appetite will decrease. So stop smoking, because in addition to self-harm cigarettes can also endanger those around us if the smoke is inhaled.

7. Perform Regularly Sports 

Well, this may be one reason why your body lean, which you rarely exercise. If you've done the tips of No. 1 - No. 6 and still no progress, you may forget this one. Did you know, though you consume lots of healthy food, sleeping on a regular basis, but you rarely exercise, then your efforts will be useless, because it must be balanced with regular exercise. The way you take advantage of every holiday to exercise at least running / jogging in the morning.

8. Natural Remedies with Turmeric and Coconut 

Well, the following tips to gain weight is still rare that it is very powerful to know when to put on weight. OK do the following:

a. Ingredients:
some turmeric 
  • 1 Coconut meat 
  • water 

b. Making way:
  1. Grated turmeric until smooth 
  2. Then take the juice of turmeric 
  3. Grated coconut that has been provided 
  4. Then take the water of coconut milk 
  5. After that, mix the turmeric and coconut juice 
  6. Then you boiled / heated a few minutes 
  7. Finally, a natural remedy that you drink each before you sleep, do this regularly then  you will soon see the results

9. Check Your Health 

If your body fat before and then suddenly become thin, then try to check your medical doctor. Because it could be you have a disease that causes your body lean. 

Hopefully with 9 Powerful Tips on How to Increase Weight Quickly and Safely from this we can make you gain weight is ideal, as you would expect. Read also