8 Causes and Symptoms of Eye Cataracts

8 causes and symptoms of eye cataracts - Cataracts are one of the disorders of the eye health often affects elderly people, sometimes to a younger person. Eyes is a gift that God should we care, we are given free eye, but we are not going to want to sell it if someone wants to buy our eyes, at any price.

Therefore, it is appropriate that we are to always maintain eye health, in order to avoid the various health problems of the eyes, one of them is cataracts. Basically, cataracts occur due to the presence of protein in the eyes so you can not see objects clearly even eye cataract is already very severe levels can lead to blindness. This time the admin wants to share 8 causes and symptoms of eye cataracts.

8 causes and symptoms of eye cataracts

8 causes and symptoms of eye cataracts

1. Age 

Can not be denied when the eye cataract is commonly seen in adults, the more we age, the lens proteins will also decrease so that not a few adults will experience eye cataracts in his old age. Therefore, it would be wise if you are already getting used to since childhood to always eat foods rich in vitamin A, such as carrots and various kinds of vegetables and other fruits so that when you get older, your risk of developing eye cataracts also slightly reduced.

2. Trauma 

Trauma that occurs will lead to many bad things for your eye health conditions, among others, you will experience swelling, thickening and the occurrence of white color on the lens fibers. The white color is what ultimately causes your eye cataracts.

3. Genetics 

Chromosomal abnormalities that occur as a result of genetic factors, is considered as a symptom and a causes eye cataract. This happens due to chromosomal abnormalities are considered to affect the quality of a person's eye lens.

4. Infection 

Leprosy, toxoplasmosis, and other eye infections, is considered capable of triggering the appearance of cataracts. Therefore, if you have an eye infection caused by the disease, immediately treated so that they would not cause eye cataracts are certainly far more worrying because you may experience blindness.

5. Eye drug 

Deliberately manufactured drugs to treat eye sore eyes, but the drug is a type of corticosteroid eye medication that has proven capable of making healthy eyes and normal to eye cataracts. Thus the first read the material composition of eye drops that you want to use, make sure safe or not, have expired or not.

6. Eyes itch 

The symptoms of eye cataracts are often itchy eyes. When you feel the intensity growing itchy eyes, you should immediately consult an ophthalmologist to the eye, because the eye itching, eye continually water, eyes that could not withstand the glare of his eyes light or decreased quality of vision when the night before, all it is a symptom and a causes eye cataract attacking your eye health. Eyes tested regularly, to prevent further loss of quality eye increased.

7. Diabetes 

Of course you ask - ask why diabetes can be one cause of cataracts. Because if you are suffering from the enzyme aldose reductase diabetes can trigger the appearance of cataracts in the eyes.

8. Skin  Disease

You must have heard of skin disease chickenpox that can grow in the eye. Similarly, the skin disease atopic dermatitis, eczema, ichthyosis and pemphigus.

How viewers? Hopefully for those of you who do not suffer from cataract could be spared, and which have had a cataract soon get relief, so that the healing process can be faster and easier. Thus 8 causes and symptoms of eye cataracts can we share, hopefully useful. See also 5 Due to Health for Less Drinking Water.