7 Quick Way to Lengthen Hair Naturally

7 quick way to lengthen hair naturally - Natural Hair is the crown for the body, especially women. Hairstyles circulating even now already increasingly diverse society, every woman has a hair style that varied according to taste. But certainly long hairstyle still remains to be the number one for women. Because it is in addition to support the appearance, long hair can also created to touch freely. In addition, long hair for women will also give the impression that the woman feminine.

However, in order to take care of long hair fast is not trivial. Many problems that interfere with hair, such as hair loss, dry and eventually branched to be cut. That is why many women who need hair long way in a short time. Ranging from hair continued, until the treatment is expensive. However, there is actually 7 quick way to lengthen hair naturally and powerful enough, whatever that means. Please refer to the following discussion.

7 quick way to lengthen hair naturally

7 quick way to lengthen hair naturally

1. Using olive oil 

Olive oil has been believed by our ancestors since time immemorial for hair care ingredients. Olive oil is commonly used as an ingredient to smooth the hair as well as to lengthen the hair. How do I use olive olive oil as a hair extenders you just need to shed 4-5 drops of olive oil on your scalp after shampooing afternoon. Then massage - Massage your scalp. Leave for the night, in the morning rinse thoroughly.

2. Uses green tea 

Not only to drink, green tea also allow you to lengthen your hair. Antioxidants in green tea make the flow of blood circulation in your head become more fluent. In addition, green tea also makes healthier hair growth. To do it, you just need to brew green tea and a splash rub your head. Wrap in a towel to less than 20 minutes. After that rinse thoroughly.

3. Uses coconut milk 

Coconut milk for hair long? Initially quite unbelievable really. But you try to prove it by doing the following tips is lacking routine 3-4 times a week to get significant results. Not only to lengthen the hair, coconut milk can also make your hair soft and shiny. For how to use, simply by applying it coconut rub your head. Then cover with a warm towel for about 15-20 minutes. Rinse with cold water until clean.

4 . Using apple skin

You like to eat apples ? If yes , then from now on do not waste the rest of the apple skin . Why ? Because apple peels can be utilized to lengthen your hair . Apples contain a vitamin that can expedite blood circulation in your head . In addition , apples can also take care of your hair from falling out and makes the hair more healthy and nutritious . The trick is quite simple , you just need smoothing trowels the apple and put it on your scalp . Let stand for about 20 minutes just to rinse with water until clean .

5 . Uses of aloe vera

Plant this one has no doubt his usefulness to deal with issues of beauty and health . Aloe vera has good nutrition to lengthen and make more dense hair . How to use it is to peel the aloe then take the sugar, apply the gel rub your hair . After shampooing , use aloe vera gel with honey , let sit for 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly .

6. Uses onions 

Herbs this one can also be utilized to lengthen your hair. Sulfur content in onions is very useful to help promote hair growth. Onions also can make the hair roots become stronger. How to use is to mix onion pieces when shampooing and let stand for 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Or it could also use onion juice as a mask to your hair for 25 minutes before rinsing with clean water.

7. Inadequate intake of vitamin B 

Hair also needs vitamin B in treatment. Without sufficient intake of vitamin B, the hair may become brittle, cracked and dry.

Well, that's about 7 quick way to lengthen hair naturally. How interested to try one of the tips? Keep in mind that this is the natural way, usually the effect will not be significant in a short time. But it takes considerable time to obtain maximum results. See also 17 Extraordinary Benefits of Bananas for Health.