17 Extraordinary Benefits of Bananas for Health

17 Extraordinary Benefits of Bananas for Health - Bananas, simple, cheap, easy to get, that's some description of the fruit of this one. But it was not hand in hand with it, this fruit contains a lot of health benefits.

Maybe people do not believe in 17 Extraordinary Benefits of Bananas for Health, the article was like, how can ya? That's the magic banana. We can also get this in a variety of processed fruit and flirty.

These benefits can we get because the nutrient content in them, like vitamin B complex, vitamin C, as well as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and calcium. It turns out that a lot of this, okay we just discussed what 17 Extraordinary Benefits of Bananas for Health? Here's the explanation.

17 Extraordinary Benefits of Bananas for Health

17 Extraordinary Benefits of Bananas for Health

1. Bananas Rich in Vitamins and Fiber 

Did you know that bananas have more than double the carbohydrate and five times the vitamin A than apples. Besides bananas are also rich in potassium. Therefore bananas are beneficial to health.

2. Bananas nutritious treat heartburn 

In a previous article I once wrote an article on "How to Cope with Natural Ulcer Disease". And in the post I have explained how to treat stomach ulcers with herbal ingredients. Well, it turns out in addition to herbs, bananas can also be a solution when we heartburn. If the attack of heartburn, eat a banana and pain of heartburn will be reduced because bananas have acid antidote of substances in the body that can relieve heartburn.

3 . Bananas can be used as a mask for Treating Acne

Acne interfere with your appearance ? Exterminate alone with banana mask ! Any easy way you only need to destroy the banana meat that has been cooked to taste , then apply on skin with acne . Furthermore, let stand for 15-30 minutes , then wash . Perform these tips on a regular basis until the acne is completely gone .

4 . Bananas Can Improve mood

Oh yes, in addition to overcome ulcer disease and acne , bananas are also useful to help improve mood and kept stable so that a positive mood throughout the day .

5 . Bananas Can Smooth Skin

Your skin looks dull and feels rough ? Maybe bananas and honey mask can be a solution to your way , ripe banana puree in a blender , then mix with 2 tablespoons honey . After that you can apply the banana mask on your face . Let stand 10-25 minutes after that and then you wash your face with water and feel the difference .

6. As a Source of Energy 

Carbohydrate content in bananas could be a source of energy for our bodies. If you eat two bananas a day, it can increase endurance and increase energy in performing daily activities.

7. Can Heal Burns 

You have burns? Never are concerned, treat immediately with banana speedy recovery. The trick, mashed bananas, then dab on the burned skin area to reduce pain and heal.

8. Helpful For Powering oxygen to the brain 

Bananas are also useful in the flow of oxygen to the brain due to their own bananas rich in potassium, so the content of the banana will help the circulation of oxygen to the brain and also prevent high blood pressure and stroke.

9. Can Streamlining Metabolism Process 

For those of you who have difficulty during bowel movements, you can take a banana as a treatment step. Because bananas can help expedite the disposal of the body's metabolic processes

10. Bananas to Reduce Pain When Menstruating 

Often feel pain every time you menstruate? Never any problems with bananas, eating bananas then multiply the pain can be reduced

11. Overcoming itch from mosquito bites 

Mosquito bites are very disturbing and itching can be lost when the banana peel is applied gently to the affected area mosquito bites.

12. Enhance immune 

The content of Vitamin A, C, and B6 found in bananas to improve immune function in fighting infection. So that the body will feel fresh and not limp quickly.

13. Bananas can treat hypertension 

Potassium contained in bananas can help regulate the balance of fluids and electrolytes to blood pressure will stabilize. The fiber content in bananas is able to bind to fat and prevent the formation of plaque which can lead to increased blood pressure in our body.

14. Preventing heart disease 

Bananas can also help prevent heart disease because the content of vitamin C and flavonoids in fruits bananas that are antioxidants can prevent the oxidation of fats that can cause heart disease. Potassium in bananas is a good tonic for the heart. Take effect in pectin fiber helps lower cholesterol. So, before heart disease, forbid diligently eating a banana.

15. Overcoming anemia (lack of blood) 

Bananas also contain iron. Eat two bananas every day, then it's enough to make people with anemia saved. So if you are deprived of blood.

16 . Helpful to lose weight

Oh yes , the good news for those of you who are " Diet " , turns the complex carbohydrates contained within the banana will not raise glucose levels drastically ; besides bananas are also low in fat making it safe for weight loss program participants . With notes , bananas are not processed into banana milk shake , banana fritters , or compote . Then the fiber content in bananas can expedite the process of metabolism that can lose weight .

17 . Bananas good for pregnant women

For those of you women who are pregnant , it is recommended to eat bananas , because they contain high folic acid is important for the perfection of the fetus , the formation of new cells and prevent birth defects . One ripe banana contains about 85-100 calories . So that by eating two fresh bananas , folic acid needs about 58 micrograms can be met by eating this banana . Besides bananas will help keep blood sugar levels can reduce sick morning , so bananas are very good for pregnant women snack .

That's all about 17 Extraordinary Benefits of Bananas for Health, may usefully. See also 10 Healthy Foods to Maintain Healthy Eyes.