Causes of diabetes you should know

Causes of diabetes you should know - The causes of diabetes lately become a scourge that must be aware of the population in the world, because many businesses that provide fast food with the taste tempting for public consumption. Fast food menu presented lately do not pay attention to dose levels of sugar and calories that ought to be produced by the body.

Diabetes that is often experienced by people happened because of two factors of internal factors and external factors.

Causes of diabetes you should know

Causes of diabetes you should know

External factors

  • Obesity or overweight, this usually occurs at the age of 4 or 40's head. 
  • Pattern or lifestyle tends unhealthy, such as frequent eating fast food or instant food. That have sugar or calories that are too high. 
  • Smoking too frequent and severe stress 
  • Too often consume foods that are processed by frying 
  • Eating too much, cause fat to accumulate, so the pancreas has to work extra 2-fold separately produce the hormone insulin to process the sugar intake. However, if the pancreas can not process the sugar that enters the body then the excess sugar can not be digested so it will go into the blood and urine (urine)

Internal factors

  • Genetic factors
  • High cholesterol levels in the body 
  • The high Triglycerid one minister to a very high fat molecules in the body 
  • Destruction of pancreatic cells in the body

External factors can cause the actual onset of diabetes circumvented by adopting a healthy lifestyle, if you want to really avoid diabetes. How you have to do is to get used to separately exercise at least 15 minutes per day, so that the body becomes healthier and bad fats can be removed through excretion channels well.

In addition we will also provide an important reference to add to your knowledge not to be involved in diabetes. Here are the symptoms that often arise when diabetes will experience:

  • Frequent tingling in the hands and feet area, this is because the blood circulation is not able to function normally. Or obstructed. 
  • Quickly feel hungry and feed consumption increases 
  • Quickly feel hungry and consume lots of mineral water excess 
  • Often feel nauseous and dizzy 
  • The body can not move freely 
  • Eyes experiencing blurred or unclear views

If you are experiencing some of the things that we mentioned above you can immediately control the self is in a specialist, if you have diabetes at phase two you can work around this by taking the herbs are safe for your consumption of course, does not cause adverse effect to, and certainly not addictive .

Aside from diet and exercise regularly you also have to pay attention to some fruit or foods that you should avoid. Because there are several types of fruit that should be avoided by diabetics. Hopefully the information we provide about the Causes of diabetes you should know can be a lesson.