7 Benefits of Noni (Morinda citrifolia) For Health

7 Benefits of Noni (Morinda citrifolia) For Health - The fruit of Morinda citrifolia has the Latin name is included in the family Rubiaceae. Fruit that live in the lush tropical area can live in the islands of the Pacific, Asia and Australia.

Efficacy Noni Fruit For Health 

Apparently, in addition to health benefits, noni is also often used as a salad mix. However, here I am not going to discuss the benefits of noni as a culinary ingredient, but here I will discuss about the health benefits of noni. Immediately, we see a myriad of health benefits of noni.

7 Benefits of Noni (Morinda citrifolia) For Health

Benefits of Noni Juice For Health 

1. Overcoming hypertension (high blood pressure) 

High blood pressure is a chronic disease that can lead to death for the infected. However, you do not have to worry if it does not find a herbal remedy used to treat hypertension, use only noni as a medicine to overcome. How to use it is to take two noni fruit is ripe from the tree, then squeeze the juice and take the water grab. Combine the juice with one tablespoon of honey. Then drink the potion, do it on a regular basis to drink it twice a day.

2 . Inhibits cancer cells and tumors

Chronic diseases that also threaten the safety of patients is also to be overcome by consuming noni fruit. By consuming noni then you are inhibiting the development of cancer cells and tumors in your body. To consume is a way to make it into juice. You can also add the syrup or honey as long as it do not mix with tea, coffee, or alcohol on noni juice.

3 . Blood circulation

One of the things that hinder the blood circulation is the narrowing of the blood vessels . Well , by consuming noni , then you can overcome the constriction of blood vessels . Mineral content in noni able to widen the blood vessels that return had been narrowed . Thus it would not be too hard heart to pump more blood , so the blood pressure and circulation will be back to normal .

4 . Lowering diabetes

The content of triterpenes and saponins in noni fruit proven to reduce your blood sugar levels . By decreasing your blood sugar levels , the diabetes will also be dropped . This efficacy has been proven in the U.S. , 26 million people with diabetes in the United States is able to be cured with natural medicine this one.

5 . Overcoming abdominal pain

The noni fruit can also override your stomach ache . The trick is to take 2 to 3 noni leaves , wash thoroughly . If it had been mashed until smooth and then add salt to taste brewed with hot water . After quite cool , strain and drink the filtered water .

6 . Curing cough

To treat cough , you should mix a half of noni with handheld Daun Poko or Mentha arvensis L. var Javanica Bentham both ingredients and boil with 2 cups of water . When fully ripe , then strain the potion, then drink the water from the filter . Drink this mixture every morning and evening. 

7 . Overcoming scaly skin

Not only for the health , noni fruit can also be utilized for beauty . One is to overcome the problem of scaly skin . The trick Take a noni fruit , then rub on the skin scaly . After the rub , let sit about 10-15 minutes . If it is rinse with clean water. 

Those are 7 Benefits of Noni (Morinda citrifolia) For Health . If you have a complaint with some of the above problems , please use the noni as a natural alternative to drugs . So first of me , hopefully this article useful for you . Thank you for visiting .