Signs and Danger of Vitamin A Deficiency

Signs and Danger of vitamin A deficiency - A substance will inevitably cause an impact if the deficiency or excess. Similarly, the same as if your body's vitamin A. Vitamin A deficiency, will definitely have a negative impact on your body. The impact can also be seen clearly less clear.

If the previous post I described already challenged  foods that sources contain vitamin A and vitamin A benefits for our health, it feels incomplete if I did not share information about the consequences of our vitamin A deficiency. So what are the impacts if our bodies intake of vitamin A deficiency? to find out, please refer to the following explanation. But before, please refer to the first mark - a sign of vitamin A deficiency following.

Signs and Danger of vitamin A deficiency

Signs of Vitamin A deficiency 

Have you ever heard of babies born with low birth weight, weighing less than 2.5 pounds? If ever, it is one of the characteristic deficiency of vitamin A. This occurs because the mother may lack of vitamin A at the time of a baby. If the baby does not immediately thereafter given a sufficient intake of vitamin A, the possibility of night blindness and corneal xerosis it suffered.

Autoimmune lung disease and respiratory infection or Acute Respiratory Infection is also a sign of lack of vitamin A. It is a habit of lung disease - Pulmonary this autoimmune attack the adults who have the habit of smoking. However, babies can also attacked by this disease, because according to the tables of vitamin deficiency. Vitamin A will give considerable influence in T cells in which these T cells would play a role in the body's immunity, and therefore if vitamin A is less then you also will be weak T cells.

As a result of vitamin A deficiency

Problems in vision

We already know , that the main function of vitamin A is to maintain the health of our eyes . Therefore if the eyes of vitamin A deficiency would be disturbed . Early symptoms of vitamin A deficiency in the eye is dry eye ( xeropthalmia ) an abnormality in the eyes and mucus membranes cornea of the eye.

Skin disease

Lack of vitamin A in the body can reduce the ability of cells - cells to produce mucus glands , resulting in the regeneration of the skin when the skin will be replaced by cells - epithelial cells are scaly and dry . That's what causes the membrane to become dry and rough skin . It was also difficult to recover cause injury in the event of injury .

Digestive diseases

Intestine has an important role in the digestive process is as a water absorption . While vitamin A itself is quite influential in keeping the wall - the intestinal wall to keep it functioning optimally as it should . Well , if you have a deficiency of vitamin A , the water absorption in the intestine would be disturbed . If this is left unchecked, can lead to infection of the bladder due to the lack of optimal water absorption in intestines .

Inhibiting the growth of

Not unexpectedly , it turns out vitamin A also contribute to the growth of your bones . Bone and epithelial fact need vitamin A in the formation process , yes , although not directly . Vitamin A only synthesize proteins , consequently formed cells - new cell in bone and teeth . If you are deficient in vitamin A , you can connective tissue disease . This is a disease caused by a lack of collagen .

Well , that's some of the consequences if our bodies are deficient in vitamin A. it is proper for us to clean ourselves healthier . One is to meet the nutritional needs of the body . That's all the Signs and Danger of Vitamin A Deficiency , it may be beneficial to you .