Best and Fast Way To Treat Gout Naturally

Best and Fast Ways to Treat Gout Naturally - Uric acid is one of the diseases suffered by people who halted aging, however, not only the elderly who suffer from pain in the joints. Even young people who are still earning too often suffer from this disease.

Of course with the excruciating pain in the joints interfere with the activities, work, activities, and what is being done. Moreover, if we eat one, are in trouble as a result. The disease is usually suffered by those who have an unhealthy lifestyle, way of working is not right and not enough rest. If you are one of the gout patients, we wanted to share a little bit Best and Fast Way To Treat Gout Naturally.

We prefer the more natural because it is usually permanent. Many people who experience gout medication often confessed his illness relapsed after the drug is stopped, not even a few who have complaints due to side effects from the consumption of drugs with the chemical. Such as stomach complaints, kidney, dizziness and so on. It was just a few of the many side effects caused by drugs gout. So prefer natural because more powerful and more secure. Well viewers, we will try to review Best and Fast Way To Treat Gout Naturally, following.

Best and Fast Way To Treat Gout Naturally

However, before we discuss how to treat it, it would be better if we know in advance, what exactly is gout and what causes it, so that we are more familiar with the disease, and after recovery later, the disease does not come back again.

Definition of Uric Acid Disease 

In medical terms this is called with the name of the disease gout is a disease that is caused by the buildup of excess uric acid in the body is not able to afford not excreted by the kidneys, causing uric acid crystals accumulate in the joints of our body.

Causes of Uric Acid 

It can cause diseases including gout is because too many foods with a high purine content. What is a Purine?

Purine is one of the organic bases compounds, which make up the nucleic acid (the acid from the cell nucleus) and are included in the group of amino acids, the building-blocks of proteins. Purine substances can be found in all body cells and in almost every type of food.

  1. Increased production of uric acid in the body can also be caused by drugs - drugs, obesity (obesity), hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes mellitus. 
  2. Many foods with high levels of purine substances 
  3. Furthermore purine substances to enter the body, and after that the purine substances are converted into uric acid in the process of metabolism. 
  4. If uric acid levels in the body increase, consequently kidneys will not be able to get rid of excess uric acid. 
  5. As a result of excess uric acid crystals accumulate in the joints. 
  6. Which eventually can cause pain in the joints, swollen joints, stiff even heat.

In the event of severe cases, gout sufferers unable to walk because of the joints is painful at all when moving. Bone around the joint can also experience a loss and bone calcification.

Best and Fast Ways to Treat Gout Naturally

  • As for some tips that can be done to reduce and cure gout is as follows :
  • Increase consumption of foods containing high potassium such as bananas , potatoes , etc.
  • Consumption of fruits that contain lots of vitamin C , such as oranges , strawberries , papaya etc. .
  • As for the type of fruit and vegetables which can treat gout eg : dragon fruit , star fruit , ginger , pumpkin , mustard , lemon grass etc. .
  • Increase consumption of carbohydrate foods such as rice , cassava , yam and so on.
  • Reduce consumption of foods such as sugar , candy , cotton candy , etc. .
  • Do not be too often take aspirin if the headache
  • Avoid working too hard to cause fatigue
  • For those who are overweight (obesity), uric acid levels usually rise but spending a little fast, losing weight can be a solution such as by diligent enough exercise or diet.
  • It would be better if the energy intake adjusted to the needs of the body , for example, based on your height and weight .

How? I think it's pretty complete yes. Those are some Best and Fast Way To Treat Gout Naturally. Henceforth we will discuss how to make herbs to treat  Gout Naturally, continue to follow the latest developments of this blog.