9 Health Benefits of Mangosteen Fruit for Health

9 health benefits of mangosteen fruit for health - Indonesia is a tropical country with natural resources such as plants. And among these herbs are fruits. Mangosteen is a fruit that grows in Indonesia exotic, unexpected exotic fruit with skin that has a bitter taste, the fruit store that is so sweet and savory. Not enough it seems if only consume 1 piece only, craving continue feels when consuming the fruit. Do you know what are the benefits of the mangosteen fruit for health, what is contained in these exotic fruits.

9 Health Benefits of Mangosteen Fruit for Health

If you are curious and want to increase your knowledge, we are ready to help your site to provide accurate information about 9 health benefits of mangosteen fruit for health. And the following information:

9 health benefits of mangosteen fruit for health

1. Maintain Health and Beauty 

Mangosteen contains antioxidant compounds higher than the content of vitamin C and vitamin E, which is beneficial to maintain a healthy body and efficacious for beauty.

2. Preventing and Treating Cancer 

Antioksidan high content of the mangosteen fruit can be used as anti-cancer, this is because these substances directly encourage cancer cells to apoptosis or destruction of cancer cells. As for the cancer that can be treated this fruit is primarily to breast cancer, blood cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer, and skin cancer.

3. Lowering Cholesterol Levels Evil 

Can lower levels of LDL or bad cholesterol in the body so as to avoid excessive constriction of the blood vessels this can be overcome because XANTOHNE substances in the mangosteen fruit.

4 . Maintain Eye Health

Mangosteen fruit benefits for eye health is to prevent cataracts and glaucoma visual impairment , the disorder caused by the radiation which removes the protein in the eye lens . This disorder can be anticipated with the use of glasses and consume mangosteen fruit that is rich in anti -oxidants

5 . Prevent and treat kidney stones

Can cope with kidney stones , kidney stone disease in general occur in men . In anticipation of this you can consume as much as 3 ounces of the mangosteen fruit in a day . With the mangosteen will make you frequent urination in order to minimize the occurrence of kidney stones in your body .

6 . Preventing and treating heart disease

Can avoid the occurrence of cardiovascular disease , and arteriosclerosis which causes blood vessels in the heart area to experience a loss of elasticity . Mangosteen fruit can restore the situation back to normal by antimicrobials and antioxidants contained in the fruit. and the risk of heart disease can be reduced and prevented by the fruit solutions .

7 . Normalize Blood Pressure ( high )

Normalize high blood pressure , a disease that is often referred to as hypertension occurs due to disturbance in the blood vessels and raises the risk of heart disease and stroke that can attack the body . The fruit is believed to be high blood pressure and can prevent the occurrence of hypertension .

8 . Treating Asthma / Shortness of Breath

Can cure asthma or shortness of breath , for those of you who experience shortness of breath you can urge to consume mangosteen fruit . Because asthma is a disease classified as an emergency to lead to death . Due to damage to the respiratory system . Mangosteen fruit has the ability to fight infections and contains substances that can reduce allergies .

9 . Treating Dental Pain

Mangosteen rind can also use to treat toothache , it is very easy , first we used the sun to dry skin mangosteen , after dried , grated / skin mangosteen puree until completely smooth . Then you wrap the mangosteen skin was smoothed with cotton , the last you put on the aching tooth and bite .

Well, that's 9 health benefits of mangosteen fruit for health. For those of you who do not like this fruit can change your mindset. by consuming this fruit because the body will have a huge advantage, especially to avoid the various chronic diseases is hazardous to your health. and for those of you who are now experiencing various chronic illnesses you can cure with mangosteen and mangosteen peel process a fresh drink. See also Due to Deficiency of Vitamin B for Health and How to Overcome It.