Symptoms, Care and Treatment of Chicken Pox

Symptoms, Care and Treatment of Chicken Pox - Chickenpox is an infectious disease caused by virusvaricella-zoster infection. Transmission can be through air, liquid breathing, or direct contact with skin smallpox patients.

Symptoms, Care and Treatment of Chicken Pox

Symptoms, Care and Treatment of Chicken Pox

Symptoms of Chicken Pox 

Chickenpox is usually characterized by mild fever, headache, runny nose, decreased appetite, and the appearance of red spots on the skin in the form of bubbles and filled with fluid (rash). The rash is usually itchy and painful.

Many of them think that chicken pox will only attack once in a lifetime, whereas chicken pox can strike back if not completely healed chickenpox or the chickenpox in the body has not been out all.

Chicken Pox Treatment 

To treat people with chicken pox, consider the following tips:

  • - Shower with warm water. 
  • - Sprinkle anti-itching powder on the skin that is exposed to smallpox. 
  • - Change clothes more often. 
  • - Do not scratch the affected part of smallpox. 

Steps should be taken:

  1. The first way you can take coconut water mixed with honey and then drunk. 
  2. Eating watermelon, whatever usefulness but many parents say that eating watermelon smallpox drug. 
  3. Drinking fizzy drinks such as cola, this way I have ever tried this after drinking hot body and smallpox that has not come out will quickly arise so the process is faster.

Traditional Medicines Chickenpox 

To treat chicken pox, can use the following recipe herbal remedies:

Chickenpox Medicines (Topical) 

For external usage, use a mixture of turmeric to taste tamarind leaves which had previously been washed and polished. Then apply on the skin is exposed to chicken pox.

Smallpox Drug (Oral) 

For oral medication, can use 2 ripe noni fruit juice that has been on. Then drink the potion 2 times a day.

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