Benefits and Dangers of Sunlight for Health

Benefits and Dangers of Sunlight for Health - Sun, who did not know the largest celestial bodies are visible when this afternoon. The sun is the center of our solar system. In the daily life of all creatures on earth are in need of the sun's rays. Sunlight is necessary for the survival of living things on earth. But we all also know, there must be a shortage of excess reversed, so is the sun reversed its benefits must be present dangers. Here we will describe one by one the benefits and dangers of the sun. Immediately, we started from the benefits of sunlight.

Benefits and Dangers of Sunlight for Health

Benefits and Dangers of Sunlight for Health

Benefits of Sunlight for Health 

Did you know the sun has many benefits, including the following:

Sources of vitamin D 

You might be wondering, how can the sun be one source of vitamin D, even though the sun is not a food. For that rather than confused, let's consider the following explanation.

Most of your cholesterol is stored under your skin section. At the moment there is the sun's ultraviolet rays on the skin, it will be filtered by the skin, if it is so then the ultraviolet light was going to change your deposits cholesterol into vitamin D. According to the research of the day you need 400 IU (international units) of vitamin D, this amount will adequately met in a day if you are facing 5 minutes under the sun.

Reduce blood cholesterol

As I mentioned above , the sun's UV rays can alter cholesterol widened vitamin D. This means that will alert the cholesterol in the blood are you to come out to the skin that will be converted into vitamin D. Thus, the cholesterol in your blood will be reduced .

Reduce blood sugar

It turns out that sunlight can act as insulin . Insulin itself serves to absorb glucose into the cells - the cells of your body . This means that sunlight stimulates your body to change glucose ( blood sugar ) into glycogen (sugar deposits) are stored hearts and muscles . In other words , the sun can lower your blood sugar levels .

Bidder infection and bacteria killer

To prove this point a scientist ever prove it , that is by putting a plate that has been filled with the bacteria in a place exposed to the sun . Half the plate is closed and the other half is left open . After settling for a while, part of which remained closed bacterial infestation and opened part no bacteria . This proves that the sun

Can kill bacteria

The sun can also kill viruses and fungi . It is very useful for the treatment of tuberculosis , erysipelas , septicemia , pneumonia , mumps , perinonitis and also asthma . Even some types of virus able to be destroyed by UV light in an interval of 10 minutes .

Improving fitness

This can happen because it turns sunlight can increase your blood capacity to carry oxygen to be circulated to all body cells , whereas we already know the more oxygen that enter the body's cells more fit your body well .

Forming and bone repair

As I mentioned above that the sun can make vitamin D. Vitamin D , the body can manufacture and repair of damaged bone . It also will prevent rickets and osteomalacia disease .

Boost immunity

It turns out that the sun can add some white blood cells, particularly lymphocytes. Lymphocyte function is to attack the disease itself. Your antibody will also increase if you are ten minutes brought the sun, which it can reduce 30% - 40% of potential flu.

Sunlight Dangers to Your Health 

In addition to having many benefits, the sun can also be harmful to our bodies. The following are some of the dangers of the sun for our bodies:

Making sunburn 

Heat from the sun is able to penetrate into the earth even in cloudy circumstances. This means that if you're in the sun even in cloudy weather then your skin can still burn.

Increase the risk of skin cancer 

We already know, that the sunlight also contains UV rays. Which UV light is a very important role in skin cancer potential. Additionally, high triglycerides is also a major factor in skin cancer.

Accelerate the aging process of skin 

Have you see the farmers working in the sun. You've also seen people who work in the office building. Just compare the same despite their age, but farmers will look older than the office. This proves that the sun can cause aging of the skin.

That's some of the Benefits and Dangers of Sunlight for Health. My advice do not linger too long - in the sun, because it will make you get the danger. Soak in the sun about 10-15 minutes is enough, and the most appropriate time sunbathe in my opinion is currently 07.00 till 09.00 am due at the time the sun is not too hot. A few of my hopefully helpful and thank you for visiting.