Nutrient Content and the Health Benefits of Dates

Nutrient Content and the Health Benefits of Dates - We would be familiar with the plant whose name dates. The fruit that comes from the banks of the Nile has the Latin name Phoenix dectylifera which is a palm tree that was included in the genus (Arecaceae). Many people who consume these dates at the time of breaking the fast, is it advisable? For more details please follow each discussion below carefully.

Nutrient Content and the Health Benefits of Dates

Nutritional Content of Dates 

Although the shape of the palm fruit is not very big, but very much nutritional content. To find out the dates of nutrients, we simply refer to the following table.

Nutritional Content of Dates
Nutrient content
52 mg
2,35 gms
0.43 gms
75 g
2,40 g
Vitamin A
90 UI
Vitamin B1
93 mg
Vitamin B2
144 mg
Nicotinic acid
2,20 mg
667 mg
1,20 mg
1,20 mg
2,40 mg
4,40 mikrog
1,20 mg
Folic acid
5,40 mikrog
14,70 mg
Ascorbic acid
6,10 mg
13 mg
2 mg
271 mg
1,90 mg
38,50 mg
35,50 mg
323 cal

Health Benefits of Dates

Nothing wrong with the first Prophet told us to diligently consume dates. Because of these dates is very a lot of benefits. What are the benefits, we simply refer to. 

1. Gut health 

By regularly consume dates, then this is helpful for you to inhibit the growth of pathological organisms in your intestines.

2. Launching urination 

The content contained within the dates turned out to be useful to facilitate your small drainage and also helps to prevent bladder stones and prostate disease. 

3. Overcoming constipation 

As one plant, dates also contain high fiber. Which of these fibers can help your digestive process so much smoother. For how to use the dates as constipation medicine, the way is to soak dates overnight with boiled water. The next time you eat dates the results of the marinade. You can also drink the water soaked, with digestion in your body so it will be smooth again and constipation will vanish away.

4. Maintaining healthy bones and teeth 

The content of minerals and protein on these dates early on can prevent osteoporosis your bones. In addition to the mineral content and protein content of selenium, manganese, magnesium and copper on Formatting dates can also take care of the health of your bones and teeth. As such, these dates are very suitable transform and consumed by people who are elderly. 

5. Overcoming anemia 

One cause of anemia is iron deficiency. Well, dates itself contains enough iron. So that by consuming these dates, you mean already overcome anemia in yourself. 

6. Good for the nerves and the brain 

The content of potassium in dates is one of the substances that can make the nerve to be more responsive and responsive. If the responsive and unresponsive nerve, the brain would be the same as well as the nerves. By doing so, then you also will remain focused, fast and responsive in addressing a problem.

7. Preventing a stroke 

According to the study , dates can also prevent stroke . This could happen due dates can eliminate most of the bad cholesterol that can lead to stroke on your body . For that consume dates is recommended .

8. Maintaining eye health 

With the amount of vitamin A on dates, then it is no longer possible if these dates can maintain the health of your eyes. Keep in mind also, that vitamin A can also maintain moisture, foresight and also strengthen your eyesight. 

That's roughly the nutrient content and also for the health benefits of dates. Maybe you also know the other benefits, and therefore do not hesitate - hesitate to write in column comments for the sake of other readers insight. I think that's all from me, hopefully this article useful for you. See 5 Benefits of Garlic For Health and nutrition.