Diabetics are required to avoid these foods

Diabetics are required to avoid these foods - Diabetes or diabetes is often called one of the diseases that are difficult to heal. In addition to this dangerous disease will be passed on to the next descent. This disease is quite agonizing sufferers having to control the development of the sugar is consumed the body regularly.

There are many ways to cure the disease but keep in mind this is also a factor in the consumption of foods that must be considered. The amount of food with different tastes appetite makes sense to invite more and more difficult to cure this disease. So that you do not experience an error in choosing foods that should be avoided, diabetics are required to avoid these foods

Diabetics are required to avoid these foods

Diabetics are required to avoid these foods


Sugar is very necessary that the body as an energy source. The modern era now almost all the food and drinks containing sugar we find that it tastes sweet. But for people with diabetes should be avoiding it. You may only consume sugar but have to use a clear dose and not just mix your food with too much sugar.

Excessive white rice 

White rice as a staple food of Asians have a high carbohydrate content that is able to produce sugar in the blood. Diabetics should avoid long white rice consumption. You can replace it with brown rice or other foods that have a low sugar content. But if you are not accustomed to consume brown rice you can anticipate consume white rice, but do not consume white rice freshly cooked, but should be cooled first. Or wash the rice to many times.

Fruits that have high sugar content 

all the fruit is sweet taste because it contains natural sugars. There are some fruits that should be avoided by people with diabetes are:

  • Pineapple 

Pineapple does have taste tempting, especially when combined with herbs salad with sweet and sour taste, making whoever can not stand to try to melt, but the pineapple has a very high sugar content that could potentially raise blood sugar levels. So that should be avoided by people with diabetes miletus.

  • Bananas 

So for people with diabetes should reduce even should avoid eating bananas, especially if the conditions are too ripe bananas in conditions.

  • Mango 

Mango has a very high sugar content for diabetics should reduce the consumption of mangoes especially if the conditions perfectly ripe mango

  • Wine 

3 ounces of wine contains 15 grams of carbohydrates, which can increase blood sugar levels in the body

  • Watermelon 

Watermelon has a very fresh taste, especially if the weather is hot. The fruit is a preferred release thirst. The results of the study prove that watermelon contains a GI of 72. And it has the potential to raise blood sugar levels

  • Apricot 

GI apricots contain as many as 57. So it would be nice if you reduce the consumption of this fruit.

  • Papaya 

Papaya has a sugar content of up to 59, and has a very high calorific value.

Diabetics are required to avoid these foods!, Noodles and pasta you should also avoid fast food because it has a fairly high glycemic index. These foods are also processed using simple carbohydrates such as wheat and rice flour. Hopefully this information can help you to add information, so you are able to choose foods that are appropriate for your health.