3 Symptoms and Causes of Autism Various Experts

3 Symptoms and Causes of Autism Various Experts - Autism is a pretty interesting topic to talk about, because of the fact that this disorder is only experienced by infants and children alone despite the possibility of this disorder will be settled within a period not specified in a child, depending on the surrounding environment and preventing autism given . Autism is a developmental disorder of the nervous system which in most cases have existed since birth, or someone else is at the age of five. Actually quite easy to distinguish between normal and toddlers with autism, children who show symptoms and causes of autism would seem difficult to interact with his peers, was not able to speak normally and not able to understand the emotions / feelings of those around them. However, whether it is actually what background a child has developmental abnormalities in the nervous system?

3 Symptoms and Causes of Autism Various Experts

3 Symptoms and Causes of Autism Various Experts 


At first, the researchers concluded that if autism is caused by heredity, so if any one of the previous offspring who have experienced these disorders, it is possible if in the future there will be a child who is also experiencing the same disorder, although the magnitude is likely to be derived from factor genetic parents. Research in 2006 showed that children born twins have the higher risk of developing autism. Age parents can be a genetic cause, why a child affected by autism, due to the aging of the age of the father, the more sperm quality has decreased which votes can trigger abnormalities in development, particularly in the nervous system.


Lots of the symptoms and causes of autism that occurs during pregnancy. You would have to understand that when a woman who was pregnant, was not allowed to consume drugs, alcohol etc, older maternal age, had a history of chronic disease enough, it triggers a child is affected by autism. In addition to health and lifestyle factors, congenital rubella syndrome which is a virus usually attacks pregnant women in early pregnancy and is believed to be the main drivers of the child may have abnormalities. Neighborhood can affect fetal health condition, results of research in 2012 shows if the pregnant women who live in dense environments vehicle that produces high air pollution, higher risk has an autistic child.


You should be wary because birth is a symptom and a cause of autism, if after passing gestational age of 9 months, yet you also want to bore you sign. Giving birth in old age or having a baby with low birth weight have the high risk on children's health in the future, so the child can be affected by autism. Conditions at the time of delivery can affect, especially when your baby is experiencing hypoxia. Not only gave birth to old age, during pregnancy gave birth to young can cause your baby affected by autism, because it could be that the baby suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and the risk of death if the amount saved will be exposed to the possibility of autism.

Well that was the 3 Symptoms and Causes of Autism Various Experts. Hopefully the above article you can find out the disease early autism so that you can take steps early. See also How to Make Powerful Herbal Medicines To Treat Gout.