5 Fruits Benefits For Pregnant Women

5 Fruits Benefits For Pregnant Women - The gestation period is the first period that is so fun for couples who have just build a new home, especially if the waiting period has been intermittent in a long time. Usually couples will be more selective in choosing a variety of food menu which will be consumed by mothers. And the food is the most preferred by couples are adding fruit intake is sufficient, because the benefits of fruits for pregnant women was instrumental to the growth of the fetus and the expectant mother.

Not only to add nutrients for potential baby, but also can help increase immunity for his mother. To be in the know that there is no food and fruits are forbidden to be consumed by pregnant mothers consumed as long as the conditions are sterile and free of bacteria. It's just that there are some foods and fruits that are recommended to not consume excessive because it would endanger the health of the fetus.

5 Fruits Benefits For Pregnant Women

But it is not for the fear that pregnant women did not want to eat the fruit. There is a lot of inaccurate information developed in the community that do not comply with medical regulations. Though fruits are essential nutrients that must be consumed by pregnant women. There are many benefits of fruits for pregnant women are required to be in the know include:

5 Fruits Benefits For Pregnant Women

# Adding immunity.

Pregnant women are susceptible to illness which can cause infection during pregnancy because hormone during pregnancy impair immune pregnant women . Therefore fruits so that acts as vitamins and minerals helps to increase the immune mother . at the time of decreased immune sure to consume fruits in clean condition because the body is very susceptible to bacteria .

# Maintaining weight

Fruits contain vitamins , minerals and nutrients in the body needed without fear of obesity . For pregnant women weight issues are important to note . Ideally weight gain for pregnant women healthy is 12 kg - 17 kg . Less than 12 kg indicating that impaired fetal health because of lack of nutrition food consumption in pregnant women . Instead of more than 17 kg is also not good , especially for the health of the mother and the potential danger to the normally prepare for childbirth . Therefore , fruits help to reduce the problem of this kind of problem . The problem with consuming fruits can also be launched on the body's metabolism .

# Prevents constipation 

Fruits are a good source of fiber for the body's digestive system. Lack of fiber in foods consumed by pregnant women would cause constipation and pain in the abdominal area.

# Helps fetal development 

Various kinds of fruits that contain folate, calcium, vitamins A and C is in need for the development of the fetus.

# Preventing Infections 

Benefits of fruits for other pregnant women is to keep pregnant women with infections, the article of hormones during pregnancy can affect the immune pregnant women. By consuming fruits can be the best solution to overcome this problem, other than that by consuming fruits can also be the best solution to reduce nausea or vomiting in the first trimester.

Thus information about 5 Fruits Benefits For Pregnant Women that you can use to increase knowledge, especially for your future father, and a mother who was expecting the birth of your baby, such information may be useful for the baby's health and future mother. To obtain other important information you can visited our site, because the information we provide is accurate and useful. See also 6 Incredible Benefits of Soursop Fruit for Health and 12 Foods that Contain High Vitamin A.