5 Benefits of Garlic For Health and nutrition

5 Benefits of Garlic For Health and nutrition This time we will discuss matters related to garlic ranging from shape, color, nutritional content to the benefits. Therefore, here I will try to discuss about the nutritional content and benefits of garlic. 

As I mentioned above, this garlic has been known since ancient times to be used as cooking ingredients. In fact, historically, garlic has been used for more than 500 years ago to the present as herbs. Instead of long-winded, we just discussed about the benefits and nutritional value of the plants is also famous for its smell.

5 Benefits of Garlic For Health and nutrition

Nutrient content of garlic 

For a clearer and more complete the nutrient content of onion and garlic, just to note the following table.

Nutrient content of garlic

Nutrient content 

Amount / 100 g


166 kJ


9,34 g


4,24 g

Diet Fiber

1,70 g


0,10 g


1,10 g


89,11 g

( vitamin B1 )

0,04 mg

( vitamin B2 )

0,02 mg

( vitamin B3 )

0,11 mg

Pantothenic acid

0,12 mg

Vitamin B6

0,12 mg


19 mg

Vitamin C

7,4 mg


0,21 mg


10 mg


29 mg


0,17 mg


1,10 mg

Health benefits of garlic

1 . Preventing cancer

Garlic is one of the plants that contain antioxidants . Which we already know that these antioxidants help to prevent cancer . It is also advisable to chew raw garlic to your heavy smokers to protect your body from cancer .

2 . Medication colds and coughs

Garlic is a natural remedy that has been known to treat colds , coughs , colds and so forth that are caused by allergies . This can happen because of the amount of vitamin C which also has antiviral and antibacterial properties in garlic is very strong . Additionally , garlic also has the ability to prevent infection in your respiratory tract .

3 . Nourish hair

With high alicilin content owned by garlic , make garlic believed to reduce and cope with your hair problems . For how to use it is with a slice of garlic and rub on your scalp , massage, massage also to get maximum results . You can also add garlic oil as a mixture of these .

4 . Controlling your weight

Garlic was also able to control your weight from getting too fat . It has been proved by a nutritionist , Cythia Sass , he mentions that a rat eating garlic will experience a decrease in body weight and fat storage will also experience . To try it when every time you cook , do not forget to add sliced ​​garlic to get waist neater and more delicious food .

5 . Overcoming the problem of impotence

If you are experiencing impotence problem is , you are definitely not happy at all right? Garlic is present as your impotence alternative medicine . With the aphrodisiac properties of garlic very useful in the process of treatment of impotence . Additionally , garlic also has a content of an enzyme called nitric oxide synthase that can help overcome impotence.

That's some of the 5 Benefits of Garlic For Health and nutrition you should know.