7 Ways to Overcome Foot Odor Naturally

7 Ways to Overcome Foot Odor Naturally - Overcome foot odor, that is what we will discuss this time. Speaking of smelly feet, you also may have experienced. Me too, I have had smelly feet, and it makes me feel insecure especially when be in a room, because the strong odor that makes other people feel disturbed. Well, therefore this time I will share tips on how to eliminate foot odor. But before that, let us discuss one by one starting from the cause.

Foot Odor Causes 

Foot odor can be caused by several things, one of which is because our lifestyle is not healthy. Foot odor caused by perspiration on the foot area is mixed with bacteria, so it will cause odor. In addition, foot odor can also be caused by the use of shoes and socks were still wet, get wet due to rain or not completely dry when dried.

7 Ways to Overcome Foot Odor Naturally

How to Prevent Foot Odor? 

Actual foot odor will not happen if we live a healthy lifestyle and regular, well here are some things we can do to prevent foot odor:

Always wash your shoes and socks on a regular basis
Avoid the use of shoes and socks were still dry
When you want to wear new shoes purchased, it would be nice, before the shoes are worn, you sprinkle the coffee powder and rub into your shoes.
Always wash your feet before and after using shoes, then dry your feet and then you can wear shoes
Avoid storing shoes and socks in place damp / wet.
When your shoes and socks wet because of rain, you try to directly wipe and dry / dried

How to Overcome Foot Odor

So , what if you are already smelly feet ? Quiet because here I will share the most effective tips to cope with foot odor that may you can try at home too .

1 . Using Anti-Bacterial Soap

First tip , if you are already smelly feet , you can use anti- bacterial soap to clean your feet from the remnants of sweat and bacteria attached on your feet

2 . Lemon juice

Tip this second way is quite simple , because all you have to do is soak your feet in lemon juice . Soak your feet in lemon juice for 15-25 minutes and do 2-3 times a day . Lemon juice can control and maintain the moisture of your feet .

3 . Uses Deodorant

It can be used to reduce the production of excessive sweat underarm section , it is also a powerful deodorant on removing bacteria that cause foot odor . So , if your feet smell , you can try using a deodorant as a solution .

4. Overcome smelly feet with coffee 

As I said before, the coffee is quite powerful in eliminating foot odor, how? you can put into a plastic coffee powder silica, remedy then you keep the bottom of your shoe.

5. Eliminate foot odor with tea 

In addition to coffee you can also use the tea as a deodorizing foot, How? almost the same way by using lemon. We just need to soak the feet in tea water for several minutes.

6. Always cut the nails on a regular basis 

Why you should cut the nails? the answer is because the nails can hold dirt and sweat mixes with bacteria that can cause foot odor. Therefore, trim toenails regularly so that you avoid smelly feet.

7 . Use always shoes and clean socks

Well , if you ask me , this step must be done . Because if shoes and socks that we wear completely clean and dry , then smell the foot was not going to happen .

How do I reduce the smell in shoes ?

Here , I am telling you again tips to reduce the smell of the shoes / socks smell you . How? easy way, you will first provide a few pieces of paper , then wrap the shoes and socks you with the smell of the paper , the smell guaranteed not to be too overpowering .

It turns out that the way to overcome foot odor was very easy is not it? well , for those of you who have the same problem , maybe the tips above you try at home . Hopefully these 7 Ways to Overcome Foot Odor Naturally can benefit you . Good luck and healthy regards .