5 Distended Stomach Danger to Health

5 Distended Stomach Danger to Health - Having a protruding belly will make some people uncomfortable, especially in matters of dress because they have to choose the type of clothing that cover the abdomen distended. Overcoming potbelly is difficult if we do not know how. Not to mention the risk of obesity and overweight that could endanger life. Unfortunately not many who know that excess belly fat is also harmful to the health risk alone. Even for some people who have the ideal body then distended stomach could still be exposed to health problems as well.

Causes of distended stomach itself usually comes from things that are considered trivial that is usually done without us knowing it, as too much snacking, etc. rarely exercise. For those of you who are now his stomach is still normal, you should keep your body health with lifestyle and diet with regular exercise is also done routinely as a measure to prevent stomach distended.

For those of you who already have belly fat, bloated stomach immediately overcome now with some shrink belly fat tips that I have shared earlier. If not, then you should be prepared to bear the risks associated with a distended abdomen.

5 Distended Stomach Danger to Health

5 Distended Stomach Danger to Health

  • High cholesterol 

Stomach fat can be turned into fatty acids in the body and can lead to the emergence of bad cholesterol and triglycerides. Free fatty acids also led to reduced levels of good cholesterol in the body. Along with abdominal obesity and also damage to the arteries, bad cholesterol can bring in some kinds of diseases that are dangerous to the health of the body such as heart disease, high blood pressure, or even a stroke.

  • Decreased lung function 

Some of Finnish researcher found that the stomach is too big and the volume associated with decreased lung function - lung. Compared to a man who did not have a distended stomach, men who have excess abdominal fat is known to have a bad score when breathing test. If it continues - the canal is left like that it can cause narrowing of the airways and lead to chronic lung disease or asthma

  • Damage the body metabolism system 

Fat accumulation that occurs in the body produces hormones that inhibit metabolism system. This could alter insulin receptors in the body, so the body begins to trouble to regulate blood sugar levels. It can cause diabetes in someone who has a distended abdomen.

  • Damage to the arteries 

After a study in 2012, found a connection between excess fat in the abdomen or in the abdomen distended with arterial rigidity. Researchers observed two men with abdominal obesity and obesity in general, and then found the result that the increase in fat around the waist ratio of 0.1 can cause the risk of damage to the artery. If left alone without treatment could have been given to bring other deadly diseases such as heart disease, and stroke.

  • Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease 

Who would have thought that the accumulated excess fat in the abdomen can cause several diseases such as Alzheimer's unique. In the 2010 study found that the amount of belly fat associated with a decrease in brain volume could eventually lead to brain diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer's.

It turns out that many illnesses are caused by a distended abdomen due to accumulate fat in the abdomen. Should make it a habit to a healthy life and avoid some of the activities that make you increasingly distended abdomen. Delaying eat, eat something containing gas, sleeping after eating, rarely exercise, sit for too long and consuming junk food can also cause your stomach getting bloated because buried in fat. So try to live healthy by eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly.

That's all the information that we provide to you about 5 Distended Stomach Danger to Health. Hope can be useful reading for your life, and hopefully by reading this story you can live healthier longer. happy reading. See also: Benefits and Dangers of Sunlight for Health.