4 Types of Diabetes

4 Types of Diabetes - Who is not familiar with diabetes, the disease has now become the most widespread diseases suffered by the majority of the population in Asia, Europe and America. Many factors can lead to the onset of the disease, the most common due to ease Indonesian population are tempted by fast food supplied in large restaurants with the amount of calories and sugar levels are very high, so that the concentration levels sometimes exceed the amount required by our bodies.

4 Types of Diabetes

There are two factors that outline the onset of diabetes namely internal factors and external factors. The clinical experts in the field of America has made a research on the types of diabetes, and based on the cause, there are 4 things that distinguish the types of diabetes. And the following explanation:

4 Types of Diabetes

1 . Diabetes stage one

Diabetes stage one, is the most dangerous stage , the article on the stage or phase of the hormone insulin can no longer be produced . This is because the beta cells in the pancreas have suffered severe damage . The way in which it may be done in this phase is only by way of regular insulin injections , diabetes at this stage can affect anyone from children to adult age , and in this phase becomes the most severe phase compared with other phases .

2 . Diabetes stage two

Diabetes can occur at this phase due to insulin resistance . Factors that may occur due to a receptor on the cell surface is reduced . Insulin resistance does not lead to reduced insulin production , but because for the hormone functions may not work effectively . Diabetes is caused due to the phase factors of obesity or overweight , a diet high , lack of exercise , and genetic factors . In this phase you can work around this by taking herbs diabetes .

3 . Specific type of diabetes

In this phase caused by genetic factors , which can lead to other things at this stage is due to the occurrence of damage to the pancreas , endocrine disorders , effect to taking medication . And in this phase we give you a solution that herbs are bereft of side effects and poses no reliance .

4. Diabetes during pregnancy 

During pregnancy many pregnant women who have diabetes, the article on pregnancy becomes fertile period and the quantity of food that cause excess weight to be an actor of diabetes during pregnancy. But you do not need to worry because at this time be a reasonable period. Because pregnant women need a lot of nutrients for mother and baby in the womb. To overcome this you can directly consult with experts or gynecologist who has skill in the art.

Well, for those of you who are now undergoing phase 1 diabetes stage it would be nice if you always control activities and patterns, will you consume daily, the article in this phase you have to be strict and to be selective in the foods you consume. In phase 2 or phase you have to be vigilant, because if you are negligent in maintaining your healthy lifestyle, you may end up in phase 1, phase highly vulnerable.

For those of you who have not experienced all the phases that we have mentioned above you can always vigilant and careful to maintain good health being the most expensive asset for your future. thus information about 4 Types of Diabetes may be useful to you. Must read How to Treat Diabetes Naturally and Diabetics are required to avoid these foods.