4 Symptoms and Causes Chickenpox must be known

4 Symptoms and Causes Chickenpox must be known - Chicken pox is a disease caused by a virus 'varicella-zoster' which will begin with the first symptoms of itching which in turn makes the skin blister and trigger the appearance of a red rash on your skin. 5 to 10 days is the intensity of the time in which a person will be exposed to the virus infection. Chickenpox is a type of disease that affects almost everyone, even though not the same age range, because this disease is a type of disease that is highly contagious, you need the proper techniques to minimize transmission of varicella-zoster virus that does not attack healthy family members. Although the disease include the type of minor ailments, it still needed a suitable vaccine that the spread of smallpox was not until the whole body. So you do not get chicken pox, learn some of the symptoms and causes chickenpox below:

4 Symptoms and Causes Chickenpox

4 Symptoms and Causes Chickenpox must be known

Red nodule in skin 

When you find a red rash on the skin, you should be wary, because in fact a red rash that appears on the surface of the skin is a common symptom in which someone is exposed to chicken pox. Red nodule can be seen anywhere in the human body, with a good look at the intensity distribution.


Fever is not only associated with one type of disease, because early symptoms of fever is where the immune system is at war, flu, colds are examples of diseases that also begins with the first fever. However, if you are experiencing a fever accompanied by the appearance of redness on the skin nodule, you should be wary because it could be that you are experiencing a fever is a symptom and a cause of chicken pox first step, where you are exposed to chicken pox disease.

No appetite / fatigue 

Very normal when a person who was lying in bed due to illness will be loss of appetite and looks very pale and weak, this condition is caused due to decreased immunity, unhealthy body will not necessarily refuse to consume food because all the food tasted bitter. Inadequate intake of food is what then makes you feel tired, looking pale and limp.

Previously contracted smallpox sufferers 

There are two possibilities that could cause a person to be exposed to chicken pox disease, which is the first in a natural way through viral infection and the second is when you accidentally be in an environment with people with chicken pox, varicella-zoster virus is a type of virus that is easily spread, even though you are not in one room for a long time with people with chicken pox, did not rule out if you too will eventually be exposed to chicken pox as varicella-zoster virus that is spread through the air in the whole place. Symptoms and causes chicken pox can you feel alone, but to move the safe side, you should vaccinate.

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